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Betül Merkan e-mail: betulmerkan@gmmail.com. - Copyright: fotos Betül Merkan, texts, videos, layout, webmaster Wolfgang Martin Stroh (home)

in a first period Betül Merkan works with objects, she found in the junkman and wrecker shops, but also likes just to sketch impressions:

In a second period Betül Merkan worked with materials like polyester, but also  land-art-project, or just paintings:


In a third period she was fixing object by sewig them to the canvas, and furthermore developped a very specific „sewing-technique“ - and works with very great extend (about 200 cm):


New works, dating from 2016 and 2017, knitting techniques combined with colors, symbols of destruction etc.:


early 2011-2014 2015-2016

Take a look at some of Betül Merkan’s works: