Betuel Merkan 2021


You can convert a picture of Betül Merkan into an interactive touch-pad for making Your own music. Don't believe it? Look at this video:

Did You recognize the picture from the index-page?

1. How it works

By moving the mouse (or on a tablet Your finger) over one of the 18 "regions" of the picture, You trigger a sound. You can use (produce and save) own sounds, or use the sounds, which are pre-installed.

2. How to install the program on Your Computer

First download the complete material, either for windows (DownloadWin) or for Macintosh (DowloadMac). You will get a zip-file. Second, You unfold this file and put the complete content into a folder and give this folder the name "Betuel". Third, Move the complete folder to Your desktop. Now You can start the program "betuel.exe" (or equivalent in Mac).

3. How to produce/install Your own sounds

In the above mentioned folder, You will find the sounds "s1.wav", "s2.wav" ... "s18.wav". If You change these sound-files, You can play these new sounds.

4. Where are the sounds on the picture?

Here is a map, which shows, which sounds are attached to which region of the picture:


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